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Finding a German tutor for kids is not always easy, but we make it a breeze for you! At LiveXP, you can choose from a wide range of highly competent German teachers for kids who know how to get your children chatting in a foreign language. All you need to do is find a tutor you like and trust and start online German classes for kids. They don't need to travel anywhere to learn, they can do it right from home. The great thing about LiveXP is that even when you all are traveling, you can still learn as long as there's a stable internet connection. Give your kids the gift of education now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to learn German for kids?

The surest way to get your kids to learn German and do it the right way is to find a professional German tutor for kids. Why? Because teaching a language, especially to kids, is a science, and you need qualified people to do that.

How to improve German speaking skills for kids?

Having lessons 2-3 times a week looks good and efficient enough. But take into account the workload on your kids so as not to overstress them. If they are stressed, they will not like their German lessons and may start resisting them. Also, you may try learning some simple phrases with them so as to encourage them to reply in German. Make it a fun game.

Offline vs online German tutor for kids

One of the first things parents have to decide is whether they want their kids to learn offline or online. While offline learning may be good in some aspects, online lessons have several advantages over offline classes.
  1. You don't have to take the kids anywhere, which frees up extra time both for you and the kids.
  2. When kids are learning from home, you know they are safe and sound. You don't have to worry about them.
  3. Kids don't need to be extra nervous when they are learning in the familiar environment at home. They can direct all their focus on the actual learning.
  4. It's very easy for you to e-meet the German tutor for children that you've chosen. It's a matter of a couple of clicks.

Can't I just teach my kids German at home myself?

Let's be honest. There is a reason why teachers get degrees and various certifications before they actually teach others. It's because teaching is not as easy or simple as one might—oddly—think. A good German teacher for kids will know what to do and how to go about helping your children fall in love with the language. A good German teacher for kids knows how to make learning both effective and fun. They know how to maintain a balance so that kids get knowledge and practice but don't get bored and restless.

Can I help in any way?

You totally can! While you don't have or need to teach online German classes for kids, you can still help them. For example, you can expose your kids to German-language content. You can read German books together, watch German cartoons, or sing German songs!
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