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Simone M

Simone M

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Italian certified teacher CEDILS - 4 years of experience - Basic to advanced level

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Hello everybody, I'm Simone and I'm Italian. I have many passions ranging from cinema to music, from reading to travel. The latter have allowed me to get to know many people and many different cultures. All experiences that have opened my mind and that I carry in my heart. Being a teacher means knowing how to give space to students' thoughts, feelings and activities. It means knowing how to take "their" experience and their times as a starting point. Adapt to what they ask for and work without being heavy on the weak points. I firmly believe that the communicative approach, the spoken language, is the real goal of teaching a language. I had the opportunity to teach in an elementary school and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I am a CEDILS certified teacher and I have several years of experience in teaching the Italian language. I am used to teaching Asians and can help you with IKEN. - More than 3 online teaching experiences for different levels - Study material included in the price - Personalized lessons with particular attention to speaking, grammar, writing and listening skills - Each lesson will follow the rhythm of the students - Possibility to talk about Italian culture - Ability to give homework in Google Classroom or in other ways. Why book a lesson with me? First of all because I too was a student and continue to be one. I have studied many languages, including Japanese. I studied both abroad, face-to-face and online. I strongly believe that teaching doesn't have to be heavy and that the first thing is to put the student at ease. Follow his rhythm and understand his timing, review the gaps and strengthen the weak parts. My teaching motto is: Tell me and I forget, show me and remember, involve me and I learn.
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