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Hi, I'm Marisa. I am Spanish and I live in Madrid. I have also lived in other Spanish cities such as Albacete and Valencia. I consider myself a sociable person; curious, I love meeting new people, cultures, foods, places...; and I am also very adventurous. My passions are traveling; discover paradisiacal beaches; whenever I can I am in contact with nature; and sports, I love riding a bike. I have lived in Australia for a year, where I have been studying and working to improve my English. As for my studies, I have a degree in Tourism, I have a Master's degree in Tourism Marketing and Communication, and I have been a doctor in Tourism for two months. I have been teaching Spanish for 5 years. I started teaching Erasmus students in Madrid while I was studying for my doctorate. I have also given private classes in Australia in person, and now I continue my adventure online. I have experience with students of all ages, and I teach all levels of Spanish, from A1 to C2. My classes are adapted to the student, depending on their level and their objective. I have a large amount of teaching material (books, exams, worksheets, audios, games, files...) and my classes are usually very dynamic and entertaining. I give great importance to conversation in each of the classes, because from my experience learning languages and teaching, the best way to learn languages is by speaking. Teaching Spanish is something I like and it amuses me. I have students from all over the world. In addition, I keep in touch with them when they finish their studies. They are usually very grateful and that makes me very happy. I invite you to book a class with me.
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