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Lucia Garcia

Lucia Garcia

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My name is Lucía García and I was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. My first languages are Spanish and Galician, but I’ve been studying English since I’m three years old. Now I’ve been living in Canada since six moths ago and learning more the language and the culture. I’m a friendly person and for me kindness is really important. I’m patient and I love teaching. I work well with kids, as well as teenagers or adults. I’m easy-going and determined. I work hard to get what I want and responsibility is one of my main characteristics. I will try to make my students feel good while the classes and have fun, but that doesn't mean I’m not professional. I will always treat you with respect because even if you are my student I will consider you as an equal. I’m a young girl so the treatment will be close and I want my students to feel comfortable. I will respect your times and I will make sure that you really understand what I’m explaining. I know learning a language can be boring sometimes, so I will try to make it fun with games and more entertaining ways to progress. For example, using tv shows or songs to show the colloquial language. For me it is important to relate the process of learning a language with leisure, so that we will be more eager to continue progressing. Spanish is my first language so it will be easier to teach pronunciation and the accent. The experience always better if you talk with someone native that has a total control of the language. The lessons will depend on your level. We can start with the basis of the language or with more difficult things. I do not care about the age of the student, I welcome both children and adults. Learning a language has no age. I’m excited to know you and learn together!
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