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Hi! Hello, I am your Chinese teacher Lily. I have more than ten years of teaching experience, and I have a Mandarin certificate and a Chinese language teacher certificate. I have a strong affinity, a humorous personality, and like to read and travel. I focus on Chinese initiation classes for children, listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese for teenagers; I have professional methods in teaching pronunciation correction and pinyin teaching. It can relieve a lot of stress for your Chinese learning. I can teach pinyin classes, picture book classes, reading classes, writing classes, youth YCT and adult HSK classes, so that you can easily become a master of Chinese. My teaching is mainly based on games and situational interaction. The whole class is lively and interesting. I can provide you with personalized customized courses. If you are a child, I will teach you through animation, cards, games, children's songs, etc.; if you want to improve your speaking, then I will discuss with you what you are interested in. If you want to take a professional YCT or HSK test, then I will work with you to comprehensively study and practice test questions for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. At the end of each class I will provide you with professional exercises to reinforce your learning. I am willing to share with you the beautiful landscape and long history of China. If you are willing to learn Chinese with me, come and make an appointment with me! 【Children's Enlightenment Class】(3-6 years old) ☛Teaching goals: To stimulate children's interest in learning Mandarin and Chinese characters, and to improve their oral expression skills. ☛Teaching content: ★Themed courseware + themed picture book + real objects + cards ★Recognize common things and master basic sentence patterns. ☛Teaching methods: ☾Situational teaching + theme teaching + game teaching ☽Learn while playing and speak Mandarin happily. 【Pinyin Class】(3-6 years old) ♧Teaching goals: Learn to recognize initials, finals and syllables, and read picture books independently with the help of pinyin. ♧Teaching content: *Pinyin cards + courseware + Pinyin children's songs + Pinyin spelling exercises* ♧Teaching method: Game teaching allows children to learn while playing and master Pinyin easily. [Children's Picture Book Lesson] (5-10 years old) ☀Teaching goals: Let children like reading, learn to read picture books, and finally be able to read independently. ☀Teaching content: Various types of picture books with different styles. ☀ Teaching method: & storytelling + role-playing & making the reading process exciting. [Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Course] (7-15 years old) ?Learn literary masterpieces, read classic stories, short essays, ancient poems and idioms. ?Understand the historical background and deeply understand the content of the article through analysis. ?By increasing learning vocabulary, you can learn the structure, classification and background of the article. ? Cultivate children to retell articles, thereby improving language skills. 【Adult class】 ☺Quickly and efficiently improve the ability to draw and speak in Mandarin, and apply what you have learned. ☺Customized learning content can be provided according to needs. ☺Mainly practice oral and communication skills in daily life.
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