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301 lessons
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Bonjour ! My name is Maria, I am 25 years old and I am a graduated philologist of French language and literature. It is my pleasure to share my knowledge with you. I am a language lover, polyglot and philologist. In my free time, I like to read, spend time in nature and with my family. I am a very positive and friendly person. I take my job very seriously, Also, I am organised and very calm and patient. I like to teach. I was a student of Faculty of Philology, and I got my bachelor's degree of French language and literature. During my studies I acquired theoretical, methodological, scientific and professional knowledge in the field of linguistics of the French language, literature, culture and teaching methodology, which allows me to teach French language to foreigners. Also, during my studies, I've reached a good knowledge of English, which will allow me easy communication with students from all over the world. Volunteering at the French Institute, and at Language Learning Association in Toulouse, provided me with my first professional experience, which includes working in a media library, organizing cultural events, and teaching French. The methods I use will allow you to learn in detail spoken and written French, French grammar, vocabulary, culture of the Francophone speaking area, which will allow you to cope with real life situations in French. I create various, real-life situations that will require you to use French just like you would if you were abroad. This will get you to practice the language regularly and eventually to think in the target language. I'll help you to discover multiple aspects of Francophone culture, from literature to cinema, gastronomy, and history. My classes are interactive and funny. I use official books from French publishers, so the material I use is of very high quality. Also, I create activities and material myself depending on the level and needs of my students, so I adapt the classes to each student separately. In my classes I try to make students master 4 skills, which are: Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression.
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