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Tutor Noah

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I'm Noah from uganda. A tutor of English language and passionate about digital marketing. I love touring, fishing, football, singing. You can send me a direct message via email [email protected] Appropriate experience . This makes me capable of rendering outstanding services in regard to teaching . A friend and friend relationship during my lessons not a teacher and student. When dealing with mature students, I let them express their areas of interest because some people just need to improve on their vocabulary and others are totally green about English language. Most people yarn for business language but conversational is the best. This is because it will enable you to interact with others effortlessly in English including buyers and sellers. When it comes to infant education, it sounds easy to teach kids but it's a bit tricky. During my lesson time with the little friends, I use more of pictures than words which makes them to remember what they learn with ease. Secondly, I let the student to lead the session. How? The student should be in moods of studying for him to understand what you are teaching him or her. If it requires to sing or story narrating, we do that and learning come last. By the end of the lesson, the student will be happy and eager for the next lesson.
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