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My name is Kevin, a 22 year old language learner fluent in English Spanish and have an advanced knowledge in Mandarin Chinese language. I currently reside in Chicago and would like to get to know people from around the world that would like to learn the English language with a native speaker. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to book a trial lesson with me~ In the past I have worked with children in a daycare. It was there that I began to teach language to small children and spark their curiosity in languages. I would do this by reading picture books to children and encouraging them to recite the words in the book. I also added enthusiasm when reading stories to keep children interested. Along with this I have tutored several of my friends from China to help improve their English level and prepare for their English examinations. I did this by providing and analyzing resources such as mock tests and listening to exam audios. My teaching style will vary depending on the age group. For children I prefer to start with the simple things and encourage the children to associate pictures with words to learn language. If dealing with adult learners, I will begin by assessing their current level in the language and then developing an individualized learning plan for that student. I want my students to have fun at the end of the day, and to appreciate and become motivated to learn a language.
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