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I’m in my early 30’s. I just finished medical school. I love the outdoors, and my passions are travelling and scuba diving. I have tutored kids from elementary, middle and high school in various subjects when I was in college. My goal is to prepare the student for a real world setting, I know many people who studied English or Mandarin for years, but can barely speak it beyond the beginner’s level. Anyone can learn a language, but you have to be immersed in it, in order to master a language. Whether it’s for business conversations or social interactions, I believe I have the prerequisite skills to improve one’s English or Mandarin in those regards. Also I’m rather patient, I don’t get frustrated easily.
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May 01, 04:42

المعلم لم يلتزم بالوقت المتفق عليه ولغته سيئة جدا هي اقرب للهجة الصينية

Jeremy Ong
Jeremy Ong

May 08, 21:08

I told him that I could only start the class at the time he booked, clearly, he didn’t know how this app works. Also, I’m a native speaker of English, just because I have a slight accent, it doesn’t mean my “language” is bad. He spent much of the lesson disparaging my “dialect”, which I think he’s referring to my accent.

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