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Hello, my name is Isabel, and I'm from China. I love learning languages and I can speak 4 languages-Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. How can I speak 4 languages? Well, I studies Japanese and Korean for my Bachelor's degree. And I got my Master's degree majoring in HRM in NY, US. I spent almost 6 years in NY and I did a part-time job teaching kids Chinese. Currently, I'm working as English teacher for kids. I like watching Korean dramas, playing badminton and I also love traveling. If you also like watching Korean dramas or a fan of BTS, we can share a lot~ Hi everyone, I'm Isabel. My native language is Chinese, and I also speak Japanese and Korean. I like learning languages very much. My undergraduate studies are Japanese and Korean, and I am studying for a master's degree in the United States. Now I am an independent teacher, teaching English, Chinese and Japanese. I usually like watching Korean dramas, traveling, and doing sports. My greatest strength is that I can tailor my curriculum to the needs of my students. Tell me your needs, let's start the journey of learning Chinese together~ I have been teaching students English and Chinese for 3 years, including online courses. Some of my students locate in the US, some of them locate in China. I have both kids/children courses and adults courses. I just got the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Language. My greatest strength is my ability to create different courses to individual needs. And I understand English, Japanese and Korean. As a language learner myself, I can share my learning experience with you guys.
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