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Hao lili

Hao lili

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Three-year training institution for teachers of Chinese as a foreign language & interesting Mandarin & focusing on HSK\GAPSK & affinity XAX & patience and fun & zero foundation in Chinese & pinyin enlightenment & love of traditional culture & children's Chinese introduction & business spoken Chinese & IPA Chinese as a foreign language teacher qualification certificate

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Hello, my name is Lily, my native language is Chinese, and now I live in Dongguan, China. I graduated from East China Jiaotong University, majoring in English International Economics and Trade. Japanese is my second foreign language, and I also learned a little Korean and Spanish myself. I have many hobbies, and I like Chinese traditional culture very much, including calligraphy, painting and traditional literature. I also love to travel, I have been to many countries including Australia, Japan, Dubai, Vietnam and Thailand. These travel experiences have enriched my life and taught me about the cultures of many different regions, which I hope to share with you in my class. Full-time online Mandarin teacher with rich experience in teaching children; Multilingual, English major, better understand language learning。 I have teaching experience in both English and Chinese. I worked as an English teacher in a foreign language training institution for two years. During this period, I also taught some foreigners Chinese. My students include children and adults. In my class, you will feel very relaxed and happy, and I will prepare different teaching methods for you, such as using pictures, music and stories. I really enjoy teaching Chinese, and the students I have taught before, both adults and children, have become great friends with me. I also hope to be your good friend and help you find more fun in learning Chinese! If you like me too, you are welcome to take my class. I hope to see you soon.
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