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Russian language tutor with 5 years of teaching experience

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Hi there! My name is Hanna. I have been working as a Russian language tutor and teacher for 5 years. I have more than 2.000 classes with adults and children (from 5 years old) under my belt. They are from all over the world (China, Japan, the USA, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, and some others). My credo is to love what I teach and those to whom I teach. My lesson plan is always based on your needs and preferences. I pretty much understand that all of you have different aims. Some people learn Russian for pleasure, some do it for tourism, the others learn it for getting an education or for working in Russian-speaking countries. I work out an individual program for all of you. I have 5 years of teaching experience at an online school, where I work as a Russian language teacher for foreigners. Plus, I have been a tutor for a long time, working online and offline as well. My experience of living abroad helped me find many students in different countries who wanted to learn Russian with me. The first class is devoted to identifying your level of Russian language proficiency. With my students, I work on listening comprehension, correct pronunciation, reading comprehension, expansion of vocabulary, learning grammar, elimination of letter-by-letter reading, and mirror writing (N-И, R-Я) (with children). I am an extreme opponent of cramming and learning information that is not useful to you in everyday life and day-to-day conversations. That is why I always rely on material that is relevant to real life and real communication. Creative lesson plans and boundless energy are what I consider to be my hallmarks. I can't imagine my classes without a friendly atmosphere. I love inspiring learning. There is no better feeling than seeing my students finally "get it". I strongly believe that huge potential is hidden in everyone. My task is to fit a key to it. I will help you to fall in love with Russian and to make progress day by day.
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