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Darshan Airani

Darshan Airani

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Hello, my name is darshan I have informally researched oncology and discovered the deep things about carcinoma embryonic antigen and niacin deficiency and hypo and hyper chlorhydria and hypo and hyperthyroidism. I have informally advised medicines and I have cured 5 early staged carcinoid patients. I scored fewer marks in English subject in class 12 because of a fever but I got good marks in English in degree. I am having a very good accent. I can help my students score more marks and I will not be going to leave them until they understand the concept by asking questions and until I feel that students have understood with patience Fresher with fresh and updated knowledge which I wanna teach to the students with sincere and honest efforts. livexp has given me immense pleasure and a great opportunity to explore myself in to the field of tutoring to make students understand the concepts from simpler way to the complex versions. I focus on multiple-choice questions and other things where I can teach to make my students get perfection from my lectures and papers so that we could achieve the greatest possibility of getting excellence because success follows excellence and learning never stops and has no end. Learning is not restricted to earning and scoring marks it is beyond those things and wanna show how I can represent the things better and better.
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