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Ella Tabares

Ella Tabares

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Certified ESL Bilingual Teacher, US college graduate with 3+ years of teaching experience

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65 lessons
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Hello, my name is Ella, I am 30 years old and I am from Miami, Florida. My parents are from Argentina and Cuba and I’ve grown up speaking both English and Spanish. I have been living a nomadic lifestyle and have been traveling the world for the last 6 years. I also enjoy scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, soccer, and yoga. I am passionate about animals and marine conservation as well as traveling and connecting with people from different cultures. I began teaching in high school, serving as a teacher’s assistant at an elementary school that taught classes in English and Spanish. Throughout college, I tutored my peers in Spanish and lectured about media and communication at a local high school. I graduated with a degree in Communication with a minor in environmental science. I also studied business and marine biology. Post-graduation, I received a TESOL teaching certificate and began teaching English online. I taught primarily Chinese kids for 2 years online, and for the past year, I have been teaching Latin American kids and adults English. I have also taught adults Spanish. That being said, knowledge of a student’s native language is not required, as mentioned I taught Chinese speakers English although I have no knowledge of Chinese using props, realia, and total physical response. If I were to teach Spanish-English though, this would be easier as I am fluent in both. I also know some basic Italian and can assist in this field. My lessons can be catered to the needs of the individual. I focus on comprehension and grammar as well as correcting pronunciation when needed. There are lesson plans that can be followed to ensure objectives and core principles are learned, but I am also happy to converse in a casual manner to ensure fluency is obtained. I can teach depending on your goals whether you're learning for academic/professional reasons or personal. I am also passionate about marine and environmental science and can design a curriculum specific to niche subjects such as that.
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