We encourage tutors to leverage the power of livestreams. They are one of the great tools to showcase your talent and attract more learners.

If you’ve never done a livestream or don’t know what to stream about, here are 9 ideas you can try out:

  • Hold open lessons tailored for beginners, advanced learners, and all those in between
  • Give a masterclass to demonstrate your skill by creating something live
  • Talk about fun facts most people don’t know about the skill you teach
  • Debunk popular myths and misconceptions about your area of expertise
  • Tell the story of how you’ve come to teaching, why you enjoy it, and whether you have a special approach to it
  • Have an FAQ live session
  • Host a work/study-with-me session
  • Talk about tips and tricks of mastering the skill you teach and increasing productivity
  • Collaborate with other tutors and discuss an interesting topic

    And remember, even though livestreams are free to watch, people can send you tips in our local currency, lights, which you can exchange for real money.