Instant lessons are 30-, 45-, or 60-minute lessons that students request here and now.  Trial lessons are essentially 10-minute instant lessons.
Trial lessons are great for potential students who want to check out the platform and find a tutor for further learning.
Instant lessons can only be booked with the tutors who have this feature enabled in their profiles.

To enable instant lessons:

Open "Tutor studio" > "Private lessons settings"

Here, you can choose if you want to receive instant lesson requests while you're online and/or offline.

NOTE: to get requests for trial lessons, you need to enable instant lessons.

Perks of enabling trial and instant lessons:

  • You get a special badge on your tutor card and can be found through a special filter, which makes your profile more visible and increases your chances of being noticed and booked;
  • It gives you the opportunity to earn $11 for just 10 minutes (you get guaranteed $1 per 10-minute trial lesson + $10 if the student subscribes afterwards);
  • You get XP for every lesson you have, which boosts your earnings per lesson;
  • You can quickly get new lessons/students in case of canceled/rescheduled lessons;
In short, instant lessons are a time-efficient way to grow the number of your students and income.

If at any point you feel overwhelmed by the number of lesson requests you're getting, you can turn this feature off or just reject any of the incoming requests.