First of all, complete your tutor profile. Make sure you fill in all the fields during registration: skills, subskills, profile photo, introduction video, schedule, brief bio, etc. The more detailed your tutor card is, the easier it is for students to see you’re a good fit.

Once you’ve set up your profile and activated it via LiveXP Companion App, your tutor card becomes visible to students. This is how you can get your lessons booked. When students click on a particular skill, they see the cards of tutors who teach it. They pick one and book a lesson. No secrets there.

Hosting livestreams can also help you get more exposure and, as a result, more students. Not only can you get students for private lessons, you can also get tips during streams from anyone watching.

You are welcome to advertise your LiveXP career on social media. You can post your personal referral link outside LiveXP to attract students.