Nothing fails only in Madonna’s song 🎶 of the same name. Lessons do. SOMETIMES😉 When lessons fail to take place, we encourage tutors and students to reschedule the failed lessons. We believe in second chances and human communication 🙌 If it's absolutely impossible to reschedule a missed lesson, we do refunds. But there are cases when we cannot refund a lesson:

1. You missed a lesson and hadn't warned the tutor about it.
You also hadn't rescheduled it: either at least 24 hours before its start or less than 24 hours before its start with the tutor's agreement. Feel free to let your tutor know about your needs and wants as a student. If they are not available at the moment when you need to get an answer or clear something up, contact us!

2. Your tutor cannot or refuses to reschedule the lesson you missed. Tutors have the right to decline late or expired rescheduling requests. Of course, we will try to help you to persuade the tutor to meet you halfway. But we can’t make tutors do anything they don't want to. If everything fails, the only way out is to buy another lesson with the tutor.

3. Your lesson wasn’t rescheduled technically: it wasn't moved to a new date and time.
First of all, all students can reschedule lessons by themselves if there are more than 24 hours left till the start of the lesson. If you have any technical problems with this option, let us know straight away. Second of all, if there are less than 24 hours before the start of the lesson, the tutor has the right to decline your rescheduling request. But if your tutor agrees to reschedule a lesson that will start in less than 24 hours, tell Support about the new date and time straight away! The Support Team will move the lesson.

4. You have not sent a complaint about the failed or bad lesson to Support within 24 hours after the lesson, or we have not received a reply from you within the 24 hours after we initially replied to you.
If you submit a complaint, make sure you stay active and responsive so we could sort things out as soon as possible. Our payment system is automated, and to make any changes, we need to act within a certain time frame.

5. You have technical issues during a lesson on LiveXP and do not switch Zoom/Skype, etc.
In case of technical problems on LiveXP, we suggest switching to other video conferencing tools so you can still have a lesson. But do contact us later to report the technical issue you had so we can investigate it.

6. You are not satisfied with the quality of the lesson itself.
Unfortunately, we cannot control how lessons go and what happens within them. Still, our Support Team can review some rare cases to see if there is anything we can help with. To avoid lessons you don't like, we recommend booking trial lessons first. If you feel like this tutor is not what you're looking for, leave a review and switch to another one.

7. The tutor didn’t show up for one of the lessons from a lesson package.
In this case, the missed lesson can be refunded, of course. But the upcoming lessons are not refundable if the tutor can still have them. If the tutor missed only one lesson, give them another chance🙏. We're all human, and things happen. If the tutor doesn't show up two or more times, please report them to the Support☝️.

8. You rated the lesson with 3, 4, or 5.
In this case, we consider the lesson successful and send the payment to the tutor’s wallet. So, please carefully consider how you rate lessons.