Nothing fails only in Madonna’s song 🎶 of the same name. Lessons do. SOMETIMES😉. And when they fail, we tend to encourage that the tutor and the student reschedule the lesson. After all, we believe in second chances🙌.
When rescheduling of a missed lesson is not possible, though, we readily process refunds. However, there are cases when we just can’t refund a lesson.
So, let us explain when lessons are not refundable.

1. You missed a lesson without informing your tutor, and rescheduling it (at least 24 hours before its start, or after 24 hours before its start BUT with the tutor's agreement).
We encourage communication between students and tutors! Feel free to reach out to your tutor and let them know about your student’s needs and wants. If they are not available at the moment when you need to get an answer to a question or clear up a doubt, contact us! Let’s prevent issues together and on time :)

2. Your tutor cannot/refuses to reschedule the lesson you missed, or the lesson with less than 24 hours before the lesson start.
Tutors reserve the right to decline such late, or expired rescheduling requests. Of course, we will try to help you to persuade the tutor. However, we also understand how emotionally demanding the job is, so we can’t force any tutor to work overtime and adjust to each student’s changing schedule.
In such cases, you can only buy another lesson with the tutor.

3. Your lesson wasn’t rescheduled technically by moving the time slot to a new date and time.
Please note that the platform allows all students to reschedule classes by themselves if there’s more than 24 hours left till the start of the lesson. Should you face any technical problems with this option, let us know immediately. We will figure it out!
Please mind, if there is less than 24 hours to the lesson, the tutor has the right to refuse your rescheduling request. In such case, the only option will be to purchase a new lesson.
However, if it comes that your tutor agreed on rescheduling a lesson that has less than 24 hours to the start, contact the Support Team immediately informing a new date and time. Our team will be glad to help you move the lesson.

4. You have not sent a complaint regarding the failed lesson/pure quality of the lesson to the Support team within 24 hours after the lesson was over.
Our payment system is automated, so in order to make any changes we need to act quickly within a certain time frame. So, please report your cases as soon as possible!

5. You have had a technical issue with the lesson studio
Since for now we allow using other video conferencing platforms, you and your tutor are free to switch to any convenient one during the lesson in order to successfully hold it. You can contact us later, though, to report the issue, so that we can investigate it further. We will be grateful for the tip-off!

6. You are not satisfied with the quality of the lesson
Unfortunately, there’s no way we can test the quality of lessons, let alone the fact that quality is a really subjective thing.
Still, some particular cases may be reviewed by the Support Team if there are sufficient grounds for our intervention.
We tend to encourage our students to book a trial class first, and in case you feel that the tutor is not your perfect match, leave a review and switch to another. This way you won’t pay for the lessons with the tutor you don’t like.

7. Your tutor didn’t show up for one of the lessons from a lesson package.
In such cases, the missed lesson can be refunded, of course. However, the upcoming lessons are not refundable if the tutor can conduct them.
It was the only time, don’t be so strict and give another chance🙏.
The tutor is a human after all. Don’t put a blame on him... but only for the first time ;)
If the tutor is not punctual on a regular basis, report them to the LiveXP Support☝️.

8. You have rated the lesson with 3, 4 or 5.
In this case, we consider the lesson successful and send the payment to the tutor’s wallet immediately.
So, please carefully consider your rate.