First of all, make sure your tutor profile doesn't get hidden from students. It can happen if you leave a message unread for over 24 hours. It's important to stay active and have LiveXP Companion App installed and your schedule set up.

Secondly, you are welcome to share the link to your LiveXP profile on your social media and elsewhere. This will help your promotion and income, since you keep 100% of what you make off referred learners.

Thirdly, host regular livestreams on LiveXP. It's a great opportunity to feature in the "All livestreams" section of the skill you're teaching. Since livestreams are free to join, more people tend to show up. They can become your students later on and/or send you lights, our local currency, during a livestream. You can then exchange lights for real money.

More information about how to attract learners is here.