LiveXP gives you exposure and access to many students from around the world. Take this opportunity to find out how to boost your chances of attracting a larger audience.

Our data shows that, when choosing a tutor, more than anything students pay attention to:

  • A tutor’s rating and the number of students who have rated this tutor
  • Lesson prices
  • Profile photo
  • Intro video
  • Information in the profile

If your profile looks great and is informative but you have no students and rating, try lowering your prices so you can get at least 10-15 students to rate you. After that, you can gradually increase your fee.

Our data also reveals that students are more likely to learn with tutors who write blog articles and create courses.

It also affects your ranking in the tutor list.

Pay attention to your rating

Your rating is displayed on your tutor card, and students across LiveXP can see it. It’s an important factor when students decide whether to book a lesson with you, so encourage them to rate your lessons. If you get a low rating, get in touch with the student and work out the issue that caused it. It’s a chance to improve.

Don’t go crazy on your prices… straight away

If you’re just starting out on LiveXP, make sure your price tag per lesson is not too crazy. If you don’t have a steady stream of students yet, try more moderate pricing at first, and then you can work your way up from there.

Keep your profile presentable and informative

Record a good-quality introduction video where you talk a bit about yourself and greet prospective students. Make sure your profile is fully filled in with relevant information. If you feel like you need some inspiration, have a look at other tutors’ profiles.

Prepare for lessons and streams

Make sure you know well what you’re going to be talking about or showing. Prepare everything you need in advance. Dress appropriately and remove any distractions in the background (visual distractions and noises).

Make your livestreams/lessons/courses useful

Give actionable tips. Add helpful articles to tiles. Get to the point sooner rather than later. No one wants endless theorizing.

Make your content presentable

Make sure your materials look good, clean, and easy to understand. It may take some time but it will pay off.

Other ways to use LiveXP on maximum:

Make use of Referral Program

Share your personal referral link on social media. Normally, you keep the full lesson price you set. With referred students, you get +20% on top of that. Just copy your referral link and share it on social media.

Create courses

The trick is to try different formats available on LiveXP. Some people will discover you through livestreams. Others may come looking for courses and will see one by you. These are your potential students right there.

Write articles for LiveXP Blog

You’re free to write articles for the LiveXP blog about learning or teaching a language. At the end of each article, a reader (a potential student) has a possibility to find out more information about its author (you) and book a lesson with you, which increases your chances of getting more students. If you want to try your hand at writing the article and sharing your experience, follow these instructions.

Host livestreams regularly

If you’ve never hosted a livestream or don’t know what to stream about, have a look at our article about ideas for livestreams. If you stream, for example, once a week, more people have the chance to see you and become your students.