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Christina Aziz

Christina Aziz

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I am a highly qualified and experienced educator with a PGCE, QTS, and a Master's degree in Education. With over 13 years of teaching experience, I have developed a strong passion for providing students with an engaging and effective learning experience. I have a wealth of experience in the field of education as a Head of the English Department and an IGCSE English teacher. My focus on providing an impactful learning environment and improving student achievement is commendable, and my familiarity with modern teaching strategies is a valuable asset. My experience in international schools and positive leadership and mentor attitude demonstrate your commitment to promoting students' learning and helping them in their eventual careers. My leadership of the whole-school department of twelve specialist teachers and reading specialists to support English language learners and construct a collaborative-inquiry process is impressive. Since 2010, I have been working in a wide variety of educational institutions. As Head of the English department, Academic Coordinator and education consultant and English teacher. I have been focusing on providing an impactful learning environment and improving student achievement. Currently, I provide students with the IGCSE ESL syllabus provided by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Examinations), Edexcel (Pearson Examinations) and Oxford AQA (Oxford International) students to facilitate students' goal-reaching process in some of Moreover, I have been teaching the IB system and AP English Literature and Language Composition. My PGCE and hands-on teaching experience in mainstreaming education combined with my familiarity with modern teaching strategies empower me. I am confident in my capability to provide the School with high standards of leadership and teaching services. I have international school experience, positive leadership and mentor attitude, and success in mentoring As an English teacher, I believe in tailoring my lessons to meet the individual needs and interests of my students. By doing so, I have seen significant improvements in their motivation, engagement, and achievement. I am committed to creating a positive and inclusive learning environment that fosters students' creativity, critical thinking, and confidence. One of my strengths is my ability to incorporate technology into my teaching. I believe that technology can enhance the learning experience by providing students with interactive and immersive opportunities to practice their language skills. I use a variety of digital tools, such as online quizzes, interactive whiteboards, and educational apps, to supplement my lessons.
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