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Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Like an Expert

You need a compare and contrast if you have to write an essay that requires you to bring out not-so-obvious similarities and differences between two or more related topics.

Moses Famuyiwa
Moses Famuyiwa

Essays can get tricky, especially as you get more advanced in your academic pursuits. However, just like every other thing in life, it is accomplishable. All you need are the tips and tricks to help you achieve this feat. And luckily, we have just what you need.

However, before learning how to write a compare and contrast essay, it is essential to know what a comparative and contrast essay is in the simplest terms. This knowledge will guide your mind when working on the paper.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

With a compare and contrast essay, not just anything goes. There are rules and guidelines to adhere to so you have a properly written piece conveying your opinions and research points to your reader.

The structure of compare and contrast essay is such that it requires you to analyze and dissect topics, usually involving two to three objects of discussion. It requires you to bring similarities and differences between the objects of discussion.

Here’s the thing with compare and contrast essays: first, you must understand the task given, then miss this step, and everything after will make zero sense. It’s that simple. Now, the complexities of the essay lie in the similarities and differences of the objects of your discussion.

Since there is no set format for writing a compare-and-contrast essay, you need vital skills to aid your process. Research, and not just surface research; it has to be professional/college standard research; creative writing skills and analytical and critical thinking are what you need. Having these and following the how-to guide, you can’t go wrong.

When do you need a compare and contrast essay?

You need a compare and contrast if you have to write an essay that requires you to bring out not-so-obvious similarities and differences between two or more related topics.

How to write a good compare and contrast essay

A good compare and contrast essay is a piece of cake if you know the fundamentals. Whether or not you were provided with “easy” topics, once you find the words contrast, find similarities, contrast, and find differences, you know what you are being to deliver.

Recognizing and understanding what the question asks is the first part; next comes the following steps that will cement the success of your essay if adequately followed.

The thesis

Before anything, you need to choose your subjects. The struggle to find a suitable subject to talk about is never-ending, but you still have to do it.

Research the topics you are comparing or contrasting

The topic might seem familiar, and you get tempted to write your essay off your head. Well, don’t do it. Whether the subject is typical or not, do your research. What you find might shock you, and you’ll see you didn’t know as much as you thought you initially did.

Research is an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn about everything and anything; remember this whenever you have an essay to write.

Organize your points

In every essay, your points are crucial; they are the essay, and they give light to the discussion and help your audience understand your point of view of the discussion at hand. These points must come in the most vital and valid order and finish with fewer issues.

However, take it slow, one point at a time, make your words clear and pass the message across. As the backbone of your essay, your topics require the utmost attention and should not be treated with levity.

Write as you talk

How this works is you have to remember your essay is going to be read by a person, and people like conversations. Write the paper in a conversational tone where one paragraph flows flawlessly into the next.

Imagine your reader sits in front of you as you type, and you are trying to explain the points of your compare-and-contrast essay to them.

Create your first ugly draft

Knowing what you know now, it is time to type your first draft; let’s call it “the first ugly draft” cause it’s never pretty; even if it is, it is not ready to be turned in just yet. Please do your research, flesh out your points, and put them down in order of importance. Ensure your essay flows well and adequately communicates the message to the paper reader.

Revise and Edit

This is where your ugly draft is transformed into something beautiful by the magic of editing. Take a walk if you need to; afterward, come back to your first draft and read through it thoroughly. Ensure there are no grammatical errors and that you maintain tone consistency throughout the essay.

Edit again, and ask friends to proofread and edit whatever errors are left. Read through once again to make sure it is all in good shape. If it is, then congratulations, you have completed your compare and contrast essay!


It might seem easy initially, but it sometimes depends on your chosen subjects. However, it might be more complex than it may seem. But, no need to worry, all you need to do is follow the steps above, and you are sure to come out with smooth results.


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