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We tend to use a lot of text abbreviations to save time and avoid typos, and one of them is lmk. But, it can be awkward and confusing if you don’t know the lmk meaning. In fact, many people are asking Google, “what does lmk mean on Snapchat?” and “what is lmk in texting?”

Even if you do know the meaning of this text abbreviation, it’s good to know whether you should use it in formal or informal communication and whether you should capitalize it or not.


Lmk is one of the most common abbreviations used in text messages and emails, standing for “let me know,” either capitalized or not. The important thing is to be consistent, so if you decide to use the capitalized version of LMK, make sure you write it in all capital letters throughout the entire conversation. The same applies to the lmk version.

People often use this abbreviation to make their messages seem less rude or abrupt and more friendly and casual.

Lmk—Usage and Examples

Although you can use lmk in both formal and informal conversations, it’s more commonly used in everyday communication such as chatting or text messaging. There are a few cases where this abbreviation is appropriate to use.

You can use it to ask someone a question and expect them to answer as soon as they can or whenever they are ready to give you the required information. This is because you use it for chatting, emailing, or SMS texting, so the other person can be offline or unable to respond immediately.


Lmk if you’re available for more work.

You can also use it in addition to an existing question to make the message seem friendlier and less rude.


Here’s the document, so lmk what you think.

Another situation when you can use this abbreviation is when you want to receive future updates from someone about something. In that case, lmk is usually combined with phrases like “how it goes” or “what happens.”


Good luck with your exam, and lmk how it goes.

Last but not least, you can use lmk in professional settings when asking for insights or feedback from coworkers via emails.


Here’s the original draft version. Lmk what you think of it.

Lmk—Meaning in a Text

Whether you use lmk in emails, Snapchat, SMS texting, or any other messaging app, this abbreviation always has the same meaning — “let me know.”