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Update for Tutors: Full Name & New Withdrawal Method

Good news for tutors! Now, you can indicate your full name on the tutor card✅ And one more: withdraw your money via bank transfer🎉

LiveXP Team
LiveXP Team

Tutors can set their proper names visible to students

On LiveXP, tutors used to have only usernames displayed in their profiles, which were also used for logging in. It was not very convenient as usernames sometimes look awkward.

Now, tutors can add their full names to their profiles:

  • Full name is the name other users see in a tutor’s card and profile.
  • Username is what you use to log in to LiveXP.

So, if you have “johnsnow_185” as a username, you can now have a neat “John Snow” as your full name.

If you didn’t set your full name, students would still see your username in your tutor card and profile.

You can set your full name in “Account settings.”

Money withdrawal via bank transfers

You can withdraw money via bank transfers. When you choose this method, you need to fill in all the necessary details: name, address, SWIFT, etc.

Find “Bank transfer” among withdrawal methods: “Wallet” > “Withdraw money.”

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