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What’s the Difference Between Till, Until, and ‘Til?

Many people wonder if they should be using till or until, and they’re wondering whether it matters.

Andre Kern
Andre Kern

Nowadays, people tend to use til and until more than till, which is quite correct. There are quite a few options available for using these particular words, but the most used way of them is either by using till or by using until. If you choose to type one of them into your word processor, then the very first option that pops up is usually what you need.

Many people wonder if they should be using till or until, and they’re wondering whether it matters. These questions may come up when you’re chatting with friends or family or, even more commonly, when writing a document that requires proofreading and editing.

‘Til or Till: What should I Use?

First of all, none of these words is the abbreviation of until as is often assumed. In recent years, the word till has been repeatedly written as ‘til. It has become more colloquial and more commonly used in chats, such as Whatsapp. So, you see ‘til and what it means is till.

Till or Until: What is the Difference?

The difference between “till” and “until” is relatively easy to explain because they both actually mean the same thing.

Both show when something is going to happen or when it starts and ends.

For example:

Today, I will certainly be busy until 10:00 a.m.
I assume that it will take me till 10:00 a.m. to get there.

As you can see, it’s relatively simple. There is only one small side note about the two words. “Until” is considered a more polite form of expression in most cases and should always be used in formal and written communication. But don’t worry, the differences hardly bother anyone.

Until Next Time: A Few Sentences to Practice

Until next time, all the best.
I look forward to seeing you again until then, stay healthy.
I can’t until after this project. I’m busy until then.
How am I going to get this done if I don’t get home until 6 pm?
EnglishWhich is correct

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