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English grammar has been a struggle and still is to a huge number of non-native speakers. From time to time you might be questioning yourself — did I tell it right; was it grammatically correct; what is the easiest way to improve my grammar and so on. There are endless inquiries that pop up in non-natives’ minds about the grammar.

But there is no need to worry about this since there are so many entertaining and easy ways to improve and learn correct grammar.

Reading — One of the Best Ways

If you are a booklover and you have a list of the books you are about to read, then why not in English? Science says that one of the ways how we learn foreign languages is by memorizing parts and structures of the sentences and later we use them to create our own. Whereas every book has to be written grammatically correct, what are you still waiting for? Not only that you will improve your grammar, but also reading, writing, vocabulary, and you will create much better structures of your own sentences, thus speaking.

Language Learning Apps

In case you are not a huge fan of reading, but technology and possibly games here is one more amusing way to boost your grammar, apps for learning languages.

If you are a person addicted to a smartphone, it is hard for you to put it away and you think that you are wasting your time by scrolling down through meaningless apps, then download apps for learning languages. There are some incredibly funny apps, like Duolingo, that is similar to a game, since you are collecting points, passing levels, getting medals and rewards. There are also other people that you are competing with for the position. Sounds interesting? Well, yes!! It encourages you to keep learning, to try to reach the next level as faster as you can, and to try to achieve new medals, rewards, and one of the first three positions, yet you are not wasting your time anymore, but rather learning a language. Pretty good for gamers, I suppose.

Movies in English

There is also a great deal for the people who do not belong to any of the two groups mentioned above, but who would rather spend their time watching good cinematography. Take your time and watch some good movies in English with English subtitles.

Since you already have a pretty good understanding and you would love to get your grammar to the next level and to be more secure and confident while speaking, watching movies and series in English with English subtitles will help you to make small but important steps towards your goal. You will not even notice when was the moment that you started using English more confidently. While watching movies you are fully focused and not only that you are absorbing grammatically correct sentences, but also correct pronunciation, boosting your listening skills, as well as correct writing and some new vocabulary. It is also super cool to learn some interesting phrases that are being used frequently in every day’s English language.

If you try to apply these small funny pieces of advice regularly in your life, in only several months you can notice a huge impact on your language skills.