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LiveXP Tutor’s Review from Jack Moshi

This platform is great if you’re looking for flexibility and interesting work.

Jack Moshi
Jack Moshi
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Working at LiveXP has been a joy so far. It has given hardworking tutors like me the unique opportunity to meet and teach and just connect with many wonderful people from all over the world.

Functionality of LiveXP

This platform is great if you’re looking for flexibility and interesting work. Tutors have the ability to determine their own working hours and even synchronize them to their calendars to minimize any conflicts with availability. Although, I think more can be done with synchronizing particularly with Google Calendar where events on Google Calendar aren’t shown on LiveXP. Tutors also have the opportunity to set their own prices and earn reasonably. Payments are made on time and if there are any issues, LiveXP has got an excellent Customer Support Service that is always ready to assist. There is an endless variety of subjects to teach and tutors can design their own courses and have them accessible to anyone around the world. LiveXP does an excellent job at diverse inclusive hiring which I think is crucial to the working culture here as this is a highly international platform.

LiveXP’s advantages

Unlike many other teaching sites, LiveXP allows for lessons to be conducted on any other platform, and I think that this provides the comfort necessary for users to teach and learn more effectively. What is also interesting is Tutors have the option of sharing their lessons through public streams which is something exclusive to this platform.

I strongly recommend this site for both tutors and learners.

LiveXP Review

Jack Moshi

Hey guys my name is Jack! I have experience teaching English to many people from different countries. And I can help you! Book the first lesson with me and you won't regret!

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