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You Can Now Cancel Lessons if You Really Have to

Lesson cancelation is only for highly unexpected circumstances.

LiveXP Team
LiveXP Team

Many of us love planning, especially our language lessons. But sometimes, life happens, and you realize you can’t make it to the lesson. You would reschedule it, but it’s not always an option. What do you do, then?

For cases like this, we’re giving students the possibility to cancel lessons.

Lesson cancelation is only for highly unexpected circumstances. We see it as a last-resort measure if you absolutely can’t make it to the lesson and can’t reschedule it.

The canceled lesson gets back to Student’s lesson balance.

Important notes:

  • A lesson can be canceled not later than 8 hours before its start;
  • Students can cancel only 3 lessons per 30 days.

When a lesson is canceled, both Students & Tutors receive a push notification, an email, and a message on LiveXP about it so they can plan accordingly.

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