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How Have the Past Two Years Impacted Tutors, Students, and Language Schools?

For the majority of students, the remote study is exceedingly successful. LiveXP allows one-to-one private lessons which for many students can be a relief.

Emma Jane Neal
Emma Jane Neal

At the beginning of 2020, let’s be honest, did any of us ever dream that we would be where we are today? It seems five minutes ago we were traveling, attending lessons in language schools, and teaching face-to-face in beautiful cities across the world. While that may have been the norm, we’re now living in a new one which we’ve adapted to. We may not have the physical presence in a classroom, but our interaction, communication, and enthusiasm to learn and impart knowledge remains as compelling.

Language courses are now carried out online – I passed my Cambridge CELTA on Zoom and couldn’t find any disadvantages to learning this way – oh, maybe one – to meet my fellow teachers, tutors, and friendly students! But, as far as gaining an important qualification, all the tools you would ordinarily have needed were present, outstanding tutors, materials, support, and advice. Just as educators and students shifted to a new 21st-century model, so did language schools to survive and thrive.

Teaching Online: More Advantages

Teaching remotely, we still give students resources, knowledge, time, professionalism, and passion for teaching. A distinct difference and I would say an advantage, is that we meet so many students from a vast range of countries, backgrounds, and professions who we actually may never have even had the privilege of teaching had we not all been placed in this situation. So, for some of us, the online dynamic is just as much an education for us as it is for the students.

Successful Remote Study

For the majority of students, the remote study is exceedingly successful. LiveXP allows one-to-one private lessons online which for many students can be a relief. Some may be introverted or complete beginners and don’t want the pressure of their peers in the same classroom. A good teacher will allow the student to speak uninterrupted and ask questions without worrying about making mistakes. We all need to make mistakes to learn and should be conveyed to a new student shy of confidence. Consequently, with repetitive communication with their teacher, the student builds a rapport, that confidence increases, and speech becomes more natural and spontaneous. If they found that they had a negative experience in school, they quickly start to realize that times have changed and enjoy the plethora of challenging yet fun ways of learning the language.

Whatever the world throws at us next, I for one will accept it as a challenge and hope that online teaching will remain at the forefront of education. This approach brings the world together with the goals of sharing academic knowledge and multicultural values.

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Emma Jane Neal

I’m Emma, a qualified Cambridge CELTA teacher from the UK who lives in Portugal.

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