How to find a good English tutor online

Are you in search of an English tutor? Somewhere on the internet, many tutors are looking for students like you. There are various places on the internet where you can find an English tutor.

Yulia Hermash
Yulia Hermash

Are you in search of an English tutor? Somewhere on the internet, many tutors are looking for students like you.

Thanks to the digital age, you no longer need to search for tutors nearby. Having an in-person class is, of course, always a great thing to do. But it’s quite cool that you can talk to a native American on Skype from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for online English tutoring, you must first define certain criteria.

What are your expectations for your new tutor? What are your objectives? Knowing what you’re looking for will assist you in finding the perfect teacher for you.

  • Where is the tutor from? If you want to study American English, you should look for an American tutor rather than a British or Australian one.
  • How much does a tutoring session cost? Determine a budget per lesson or how much you’re willing to pay for the whole course.
  • What is the tutor’s gender? This is a personal preference. To some students, this might be important, while others don’t mind if their tutor is female or male.
  • Look at the tutor’s professional background. You may want to pay attention to their certificates, education & how many years have they been teaching English.
  • And the last, but certainly not the least – Look at the tutor’s reviews on the teaching platform you’re browsing.

Tutoring Websites

There are various places on the internet where you can find an English tutor. Bear in mind that different platforms cater to different language levels. There are two of many platforms out there.


Unlike, for example, Italki, you can study not only foreign languages on Preply, but also other things like programming, mathematics, public speaking, you name it. Therefore, the site has a large selection of different subjects.

Benefits for students

  • Unlimited trial lessons available. If you have just registered on the site and want to select a suitable teacher, you can ask support to return the payment and use it for a lesson with another teacher.
  • Flexible booking and cancellation of lessons — students can cancel or reschedule a lesson less than 24 hours before class, without losing money.
  • Wide range of subjects and teachers.
  • If the teacher raises the price of his lessons, the price for returning students remains the same (if you came to class when the teacher had a price of 12 euros per lesson, and he raised it to 15, you will still pay 12).

Some recommendations

  • In case you had your lesson on any other platform (Skype, Zoom, etc), you need to confirm it on Preply. Sometimes there are some issues with screen sharing. But it can happen anywhere.


Unlike Preply, LiveXP is niched down to language learning. The platform offers a wide variety of languages & the website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate.


  • Relatively cheap trial lessons.
  • A variety of a trial and full lesson’s duration. You can choose the duration for lessons (30-45-60 min).
  • Lesson packages. You’re free to buy a package of 3, 5, and 10 lessons with a discount, and choose their duration.
  • A variety of prices per lesson (depends on the teacher, but most 5-star reviewed tutors can offer you prices around $10/hour).
  • Live Streamed language teaching. You can join some teachers’ free live stream on the platform and book a trial lesson with him/her in case you like it.
  • Ability to watch courses. There are both free and paid language courses (either recorded or live ones) on the platform. If you buy a recorded course, you’ll have access to it for good. If you buy a live course, you’ll join a series of webinar-like lessons. After each lesson, you’ll get a recording of it.

How to find a tutor on LiveXP?

It’s really easy to access the tutor list and choose a tutor:

  • You’ll be able to see a range of tutors right on the “Discover” homepage.
  • On the homepage “Discover,” choose any language and you’ll see all the tutors teaching this language.
  • On the homepage “Discover,” click “All languages” at the very top of the homepage and pick a language.
  • Use filters to choose the best tutor for yourself (price, availability, more languages tutor can speak).
  • Watch introductory videos to hear how a tutor sounds and whether you understand him/her clearly.

How to book a lesson?

  • When you find the best candidate, click “Book trial lesson,” and choose its duration.
  • Click “Schedule,” and choose the most appropriate day and time (it is shown in your time zone).
  • Click “Continue to payment,” enter your card’s data which is encrypted and securely processed by Stripe.
  • Tada! Congratulations! You’ve booked your first lesson on LiveXP.

Some recommendations

  • It’s better to write a message to a tutor before booking a lesson. It can happen that a tutor is unavailable or even inactive on the platform. It helps you to avoid unpleasant refunds and choosing another teacher.
  • Technical issues can happen to anyone. In case you have some (can’t join the lesson, can’t see or hear a teacher), you’re free to use any other tool (Skype, Zoom, etc) for having a lesson. After finishing the lesson you need to rate it on LiveXP (the same thing as Preply has) for the tutor to receive his/her money.

LiveXP and Preply have a variety of teachers both professionals and without certificates (but definitely talented). I can say it’s really a pleasure to have a great language teacher, and online learning platforms can help you to find the best one and master English. My personal choice is LiveXP. There’re lots of advantages like lesson packages and variations of their duration. I also extremely like tutors’ live streams and their courses. I can watch paid pre-recorded lessons any time I want to refresh some topics in mind. And one more thing — LiveXP’s focus on customers. Their Support Team is always available and ready to help you with any issue.


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