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Have you ever been hit by a Cupid’s arrow? Do you believe that matches are made in heaven? Have you ever managed to find the right words to express your feelings? There you are, make your Valentine’s Day super sweet using charming romantic expressions!

It’s not only about Valentine’s Day, of course. Surely, it’s always great to express your feelings to your nearest and dearest! Don’t wait for a very special occasion, show how much you care right now!

We’re a perfect match / A match made in heaven

Meaning: people who are exactly right to each other.

I love you with all my heart

Meaning: your emotions are very strong and sincere.

I am crazy/mad about you

Meaning: to love someone very much and give them a lot of attention.

I want to shower you with love

Meaning: to give someone lots of love and care.

I am head over heels in love

Meaning: to love or suddenly start to love someone very much.

I will love you always and forever

Meaning: to keep loving someone no matter what, your love will last at all times.

I am lost in love with you

Meaning: to be deeply and passionately in love with someone, not being able to think of anything else but your feelings.

You’re the key to my heart

Meaning: you’re in love with someone with your own heart, this person is the only and the closest part of you.

I am on cloud nine with you

Meaning: to be utterly happy with someone.

You are my sunshine

Meaning: this expression is used metaphorically to mean a person who makes you smile, shine, or makes you feel special and important.

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