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Trying to become fluent in any language — including English — all by yourself used to be hard and discouraging. It consisted of turning numerous pages of utterly uninspiring textbooks and completing tedious workbook tasks. You would learn all the grammar rules, but that wouldn’t necessarily help you to use them and speak more fluently.

But that was before the internet era. Everything about learning is different these days. Reference books are still important and serve a purpose, but now you can learn English online in so many ways. Whether you want to learn English step-by-step by listening to a podcast or a YouTube channel — or you’d like to find a language-learning buddy and practice your speaking and listening skills — there are proven steps to learn English and achieve fluency.

What’s the Best Way to Learn English Online?

The best way is one that is both easy and effective. If you’re struggling to focus on the content of a printed book, it’s better to find an alternative online. There are plenty of possibilities to choose from based on your current English level and learning style.

Are you a visual or auditory type? What kind of learning do you prefer? We’ve listed some great options for you to choose from.

Learn English Step-By-Step With a Mobile App

There are literally thousands of language-learning apps out there, and some of them are really good. A typical app can help you practice basic pronunciation, build a topic-based vocabulary, and create simple sentences. Most of them have free versions so you can try them out before you engage in serious learning.

The best thing about these apps is that you can learn English anytime, anywhere. Use your commute time to learn a new set of words. If you work from home and have 20 minutes between meetings, you can use them to practice English.

These apps are not only very convenient; they are also contagious, just like your favorite games. So, yes, you can procrastinate in a useful way.

YouTube Video Lessons

Many amazing English teachers are active YouTubers, and they use this popular platform to deliver lessons on English grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Some of them have innovative approaches, and some are just pleasant to listen to. Most of them excel in explaining boring rules in a way that actually works.

Even though YT lessons are free, many of them are high-quality. The teachers typically offer individual Skype lessons and use video lessons as leads. Basically, you get to know your teacher way before the first paid lesson takes place. You can also find similar content on LiveXP when searching for a tutor. If a tutor has pre-recorded video lessons, you will see them on their profile. And if you like someone among the teachers, don’t hesitate to book a lesson with them.

Listen to podcasts devoted to learning English

Popular podcast platforms are a treasure for those who are learning English. Beginners and intermediate students can pick appropriate level podcast episodes. Advanced learners have even more choices because they are not limited to language-learning content. Just pick a topic that you’re interested in and listen to native English speakers as they talk about it.

Dialogues, such as interviews, are particularly helpful. Listening to people discuss a topic is a great way to become familiar with the natural flow of the language.

Language-Exchange Platforms

If you already have a solid basis and now need to practice using English in everyday communication, try a language-exchange platform. There you can find a native speaker to talk with you on a topic that’s acceptable to both of you. They will help you practice your English speaking skills, and you’ll teach them your native language in return.

The best way is to practice English with a native speaker. And doing it online is the most comfortable and flexible way for sure. On LiveXP you can have conversational lessons with native speakers at any time.

Websites and Blogs Dedicated to Learning English

Right now, you’re at the right place. This site can help you resolve a dilemma in a blink of an eye. Not sure how to use a certain word or what the difference is between idiomatic expressions? We’ve got you covered. You can learn not only from interesting articles but from 1-on-1 classes with our professional teachers as well.