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How Did I Reach Fluency in English With LiveXP?

Here is my story with LiveXP.


My name is Yevhen. At the beginning of 2022, I started to look for a new job. I work in IT, and English is often an essential point for most positions. But my English was bad. I could barely talk about myself. And it was the reason why I received a lot of declines from different companies. English rules everything. I decided to change it and learn English.

I was recommended to look for a tutor at LiveXP. After 10 months of consistent private lessons, I succeeded in improving my language skills and receiving a job position.

Here is my story with LiveXP.

Why did I choose LiveXP for 1-on-1 English lessons?

The decision to improve my English skills was the first and very important step to success. The next step was to decide how I wanted to do it. The answer was easy because nobody visits tutors at their homes for private tutoring in the 21st century. I was recommended LiveXP as a cool place for connecting with teachers all over the world. I heard good feedback from my friends who studied on this platform, so I decided to give it a chance.

Experience using LiveXP to learn English

How to choose an English tutor at LiveXP?

The process of finding a teacher was quite smooth and quick. To check the most appropriate teachers, it’s better to use filters. I chose my learning goals and the language a tutor can speak besides English. It was essential for me that a teacher should speak Ukrainian as I wouldn’t be able to understand everything. Luckily, LiveXP had a wide selection of professional teachers from Ukraine.

Introduction videos helped me a lot. When you don’t see a tutor in person, it’s hard to choose. With the help of teachers’ profiles, I could read about their previous experiences and hear their voices and pronunciation in the videos.

Another important point in choosing a teacher was their schedule. I could have lessons either in the mornings or evenings. There is also a filter where you can see the teachers who can give lessons at specific times.

In general, it took me about 30 minutes to choose an online English teacher.

Learning experience

I booked a trial lesson easily and quickly. The class took place on the platform. I had no technical issues with the Lessons Room. It was opened 15 minutes before the lesson, so I had some time to check if everything was ok. I gave permission to LiveXP to use a microphone and camera, reloaded the page and that’s it. My English tutor joined the lesson on time. I liked her suggestions about the learning process for me that was based on my English level and goals. I felt like I could achieve them with her. After the lesson, I bought a subscription and had consistent lessons twice a week for 10 months. In December, I had an interview for a job position, and I passed it successfully. I received this position, but I continue studying with my English teacher at LiveXP to improve my skills and expand my vocabulary.

Would I recommend LiveXP to others?

I recommend something to someone only if I’m sure about it. And that’s the case! I’ve been using LiveXP for 10 months and will continue doing it. It has cool teachers, reasonable prices, and an excellent support team! I can see the results in my English, and I recommend using LiveXP to everyone who wants to learn a language.

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My name is Yevhen. I'm a student at LiveXP and I learn English.

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