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When to Use Flier vs. Flyer to Talk About Pamphlets and Things that Fly

In this case, both word spellings are valid and are accepted by most publications and dictionaries.

Kimberly Ann Potts
Kimberly Ann Potts

Both flyer and flyer are correct spellings of the same word, although you may see one used more frequently than the other depending on the context and meaning. Indeed, the word has two principal meanings, one spelled either way, while the other is primarily spelled with a “y.”

The English language has many words with alternate spellings, making it difficult to know when you’re using an accepted word variation or have simply made a typo. In this case, both word spellings are valid and are accepted by most publications and dictionaries.

What Is the Meaning of Flyer and Flier?

There are two main definitions of the word flier. It refers to people who fly, for example, passengers on an airplane, animals, or objects, albeit more unusual. It can be used for people who operate flying objects from the ground, such as kites. When using this definition, the more common spelling in American English is flier. British English favors flyer.

Generally speaking, pilots of large aircraft are not referred to as “fliers,” yet pilots of smaller planes, particularly hobbyists, can be called fliers.

Secondly, a “flyer” is a piece of paper distributed to publicize an event, service, or product, often used in advertising and marketing. Synonyms of flyer include handbill, pamphlet, circular, and leaflet. The favored spelling is “flyer” in both the US and the UK.

Fliers vs. Flyers

The words flyer and flier follow the usual grammatical rules when it comes to their plural form: we simply add an “s” to the end of the words, so they become “fliers” and “flyers.”

Example sentences using Flyer or Flier

If you’re a frequent flier, it’s easy to collect Air Miles.
Bats are confident fliers, despite their poor eyesight.
Can you hand out flyers on my campaign trail before the midterm elections?
Airline passengers are often first-time fliers, and stewards must be prepared to accommodate them.
He’s an experienced flier, having flown various aircraft during his time in the Air Force.
She’s the best drone flyer I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been passing out flyers all morning to promote my new podcast.

Other Meanings

Flier can refer to both airlines and aircraft used to transport passengers.

I’m looking for a low-cost flier to travel around Europe.
The Boeing 747 is one of our best fliers.

A flyer is a girl lifted up and thrown in the air during cheerleading stunts.

I’m trying out for the cheerleading team at my new school in the hope of being a flyer next season.

Finally, a flyer can be a wheel that allows for the constant spinning of yarn.

The yarn is automatically twisted with each turn of the flyer.

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