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4 Tips on how to learn a language online

Learning a new language will become easier by following some tips and tricks given in this article.

Aiman Tauseef
Aiman Tauseef
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Learning a new language will become easier by following some tips and tricks given in this article.

Tip #1: Connect new vocabulary words to similar ideas

Whenever you need to memorize a new vocabulary word, a helpful tip is to connect the word with a similar idea that will help you remember the meaning of the word. For example, if you want to remember the meaning of the word “freedom” then you can connect it with the idea of a bird getting free from her cage. Another example is if you want to learn the word “hilarious” then you can connect it with a hippo wearing a funny costume.

Tip #2: Always revise what you have learned so far

After every lesson, take some time to revise what you have learned in that lesson. Highlight any key points and new vocabulary words. After 4 lessons, revise everything that you have learned since the first lesson. The revision will help you retain the information in your mind for a longer term. The revision will also help you prepare for any pop quizzes that may come up. If you have been revising regularly, you will find it easier to prepare for tests as you won’t have to spend so much time memorizing every lesson.

Tip #3: Use the vocabulary words in your daily life

Whenever you learn a new vocabulary word, an effective way to remember it is to start using the word in your daily life. For example, if the new word is “breakfast” then start saying to yourself (and other people you meet, if appropriate) that in the morning you will eat breakfast. Another example is if the new word is “interesting” then you can talk about what was interesting in your day everyday.

Tip #4: Practice a lot!

As with everything you want to learn in this world, you need to practice a lot if you want to learn a new language. Do the practice exercises multiple times so you become an expert at the language. When no more practice exercises are left to do, find more online or through books from a library. Make sure that you test yourself to see how much you know the language by covering up the answers while doing the practice exercises. Only look at the answers after you have answered the question to the best of your ability. Practice with other people who are also learning that language or who speak the language well.

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