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4 Tips on How to Boost Your Language Progress

I have decided to share some of these language learning tips with you. Here are four ultimate tips for being a better learner.

Alireza Eslahi
Alireza Eslahi
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As an experienced teacher, I always see some students who are struggling in their language learning journey. They often ask me questions like: “How can I learn a language faster and easier?”

Well, I have decided to share some of these language learning tips with you. Here are four ultimate tips for being a better learner.

Tip 1—Motivation without interest is nothing

You may have probably heard this famous sentence a lot: “Stay motivated to learn better and faster,” but who can be motivated every day? We all have our ups and downs in our life, so it’s practically impossible to be motivated all the time. The only way that you can boost your motivation is to tie it to things you’re interested in. For instance, I love making and watching movies, so I try to watch movies in the language I’m learning. Don’t you like movies? No problem. Your interest can be anything, and you can tie it to your language learning process. Thus, there is a lower chance that you might be demotivated from things that you’re interested in.

Tip 2—Consistency beats everything

There are some people who treat language learning like studying for a physic test at school. They start studying English for six hours a day or two and then leave it behind for a week. Word of advice, try to study English for just an hour every day and be patient. You’ll see the results after a month. So just make sure you study every day for a month.

Tip 3—Expose yourself to language by anything

If you’re not learning a language in the country that is spoken, then the best thing you can do is to expose yourself to that language. How? Watch movies, listen to music, listen to podcasts, find a native-speaker friend on social media and change the language of your cellphone to the target language. In a word, just live the language you’re learning.

Tip 4—Making mistakes is everything you can do

Yes, you heard right. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. The language learning process is a journey full of mistakes that you need to learn from.

Lots of you are afraid of making mistakes and being embarrassed in the class. You’re learning a language that your parents have never spoken, and you have never been in that environment, so it is a big deal, and big deals require mistakes. Don’t be ashamed of making mistakes because you have done nothing wrong, mate!


Learning a new language takes time, and it is a lifetime thing. I have been teaching English for six years (dealing with language for ten years in total), and yet there are many words that I have to learn.

So be patient, consistent, and don’t expect too much of yourself. Empires are not built in a day.

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Alireza Eslahi

I have been teaching English for 6 years. I tend to help you in your language learning process. If you find this article helpful, then pay a visit to my profile on LiveXP to get to know me better.

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