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Use These 3 Tips to Prepare Effectively for the SAT English Exam

I hope you find this article informative and useful as you learn about how to prepare for the SAT exam in the subject area of English successfully from start to finish.

Ayomi Murray
Ayomi Murray
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I hope you find this article informative and useful as you learn about how to prepare for the SAT exam in the subject area of English successfully from start to finish. This article contains three sections:

1. Adjusting Your Schedule—Learn how to adjust your schedule and carve out ample time for exam preparation;

2. Save the Date—Save the time, date, and venue of the exam in a way that helps you to both remember and be aware of the remaining time;

3. Go in Cool and Calm—Go into the examination with the right mindset to increase your chance of exam success.

Tip №1—Adjust Your Schedule

The first step is to choose a time and date that gives you ample time to prepare for the exam. You will have to be honest with yourself and figure out how long you need to prepare for this exam without feeling overwhelmed but not too much time that you feel unmotivated or take the long time lapse for granted. I suggest you take no more than three to four months to prepare depending on your situation. For instance, you may need to consider existing obligations such as caretaking for children or loved ones, working at a job or multiple jobs, extra-curricular activities, or even religious obligations and volunteer groups. You will need to ask yourself how much time you are willing to carve out from your week to prepare for this exam. I suggest investing at least three to four hours a week with one-hour sessions at least three to four days to meet your quota. If you can find time during the day to prepare for your exam, perhaps getting up a little earlier than usual or going to bed at a later time may be a suitable option. Remember it is just for a short time and with ample preparation, you will achieve your desired results. Getting started researching what is required before signing up for the examination, such as fees, documents, as well as, rules and regulations on the day of the exam will put you off to a good start. Also, going forth and studying will give you an idea of your learning speed, style, and the areas that will need more of your attention, and suggest to you how much time you should dedicate to your studies to do the exam. Once you get a clear picture of your requirements, and how much time you will need to prepare for your exam, you may sign up for SAT English exam either online or in-person at your designated located facilities that are usually listed on the official SAT website. Depending on your geographic location you can also check availability for the exam either online or at the designated facilities or sometimes even both, and that information is also provided on the SAT website.

Tip №2—Save the Date of Your SAT English Exam

Now that you have signed up you must save both the date and the time, along with the venue be it online or at a designated facility both digitally, that is on your calendar via your phone, tablet, or laptop and, also written manually in a notebook so you ensure you do not miss the date, and you can always go back and check the time remaining for you to prepare. It will also be helpful to inform someone close to you of the time and date, as well as location, be it online or at a designated facility, so they can remind you later on, as well as, be mindful of your obligation and perhaps assist with anything so you can focus solely on your exam without feeling flustered or overwhelmed.

Tip №3—Go in Cool and Calm

So you have reached this far and the date has finally arrived. You should be proud of yourself for keeping your commitment, and trust that you have done everything you needed to do to prepare adequately for this exam. Now is not the time to doubt or second-guess yourself. Instead, go in with a positive mindset that you have everything you need to successfully pass this exam, and quiet your mind and focus on all the good things you have accomplished so far. You got this! So be calm and collected and you will perform your best in this exam and may even surpass your expectations. Even if you do not get the desired score take it as a learning experience where you can improve and do better next time.

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