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Insegnante di Italiano e Storia - scuola secondaria di II grado. Very fluent in english (C1)

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I was born in Vaprio d'adda, a small town in the province, but I have lived in Milan for many years. After graduating cum laude in Modern Literature from the Catholic University of Milan, I worked as a digital marketing consultant at Accenture for five years. Now I teach Italian and History in a hotel institute in Brianza. I have been doing private tuition for many years and have just started teaching in a high school after five years of counseling. I have all the credits for the teaching of Italian Literature, History, Geography and Latin. In a lesson with me you can count on patience, on the repetition of concepts, on a critical method that gives the student the key tools to appropriate what he learns and to be able to internalize it, to then progress more and more independently. In the long run we try to achieve a property of language and use of words that reflects a mastery of the rules learned, from the basic to the most complex. Depending on your needs, I can teach a more colloquial, more professional (depending on the branch), more literary or more scholastic Italian. I can of course teach in English, since my language level is C1.
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