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Certified ESL teacher. I teach Spanish and English for children and adults

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Hello everyone!!! I am ZAIRA from COLOMBIA. I am 21 and i love teaching and learning about cultures.That’s why I am excited to teach You my native language and a bit of my Colombian culture??? With respect to my experience i can say that I have done some volunteering, teaching children from Sri Lanka through online apps. Moreover I have enough knowledge about pedagogy which that means my teaching strategies are interesting and productive.?Because I don’t want my students to learn grammar structures only but another way to communicate their ideas to the WORLD ? Taking into account I am also an English student?‍?? MY teaching style is focused on how people see the world and how they express their ideas in another language.This means i wanna teach my native language in a unique way because i know most of teachers just teach grammar structures and we must be aware that learning must be related to reality and social problems. REMEMBER that learning another language helps to break stereotypes that society has imposed to separate us. SO i am waiting for YOU to teach YOU and share our ideas ( cultures, technology, languages, etc.??
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