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Hello! I'm Chenxi, from China, and Chinese is my mother tongue. I am warm and friendly, earnest and responsible, patient and considerate, easy to communicate with. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to learn the Chinese language and Chinese culture, or have business with China, or visit China, etc. I have been teaching Chinese online for over 4 years. I hold CTCSOL (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), which is the only one certified by the Chinese authority. I also hold the Certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test, which means my pronunciation is the standard mandarin. I have completed the Chinese Teaching Continuing Professional Development course from UCL (London's Global University) and AAICE (American Academy of International Culture and Education). My teaching content is practical, combine with the real life of Chinese people. Don't worry if you don't know Chinese, I passed CET6 (College English Test Band 6). I will speak English to assist in teaching at the beginning. As you progress, we will speak more in Chinese to create an immersive learning environment for you. If you'd like to start a new language and know more about Chinese culture, I have Chinese Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing classified courses for your needs. It involves Chinese traditional culture and the most popular topics nowadays.
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