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- On this platform, I'll prepare you for your IELTS exam. If you focus on what I say and focus during the lesson you'll get a good band. Usually, the preparation doesn't take longer than 15 lessons but it depends on your level and your cooperation. - Or do you want to focus on your speaking? I got you. Hello, my name is Wala and I'm from Tunisia North Africa. I learned English by myself at the age of 13, I remember I didn't do well at school and it made me feel sad and frustrated, so I tried my best during summer vacation and I became decently fluent in exactly 3 months. And here I am now a published author and a student of English philology and a certified teacher. I'm a polyglot, I can speak Arabic, French, English, Italian and a little bit of Korean not to mention the Tunisian dialect and I'm currently learning a new language. I'll do my best to help you achieve your dream of learning English. One of the greatest achievements I did is teaching myself English without the help of anyone and in just 3 months, I got better and better with every passing day. I try to teach in a fun way using fun technics just so people love learning, the way I loved learning English back in 2013. That's why I decided to share my knowledge and technics with more people because I would've loved some help back then too; therefore, I'll provide the help I once needed to others. I've been teaching for a couple of years and many of my students who did what I told them to do and loved learning the language actually became decently fluent in 6 months, they can now hold a conversation and argue if needed. Currently teaching on a daily basis. Make my day and book a trial lesson with me so we can discuss your goals and what you want to focus on while learning English. English is a lovely language, I'm a polyglot and I can tell you that English is one of the most fun languages to learn especially since it's easier than certain languages, probably, even easier than your native language. I'll tailor the lessons to your needs, and help you learn at your own pace so you are comfortable and efficient.
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