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Virginia Zamora Villalta

Virginia Zamora Villalta

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Certified Spanish Teacher for Business (ESL)

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Hi! I teach Spanish for Business 速升西文商務能力 I’m Virginia. I’m a Business Spanish teacher living in Ecuador. I am a fan of education and I love Spanish and helping people communicate well. I've spent years teaching and tutoring on-line in Brazil, Taiwan, UK and EEUU, so I understand the cross-cultural differences of languages and the challenges that all new speakers and writers face. I'm a SIELE and DELE Spanish teacher certified. As a former teacher of art, my specialty is teaching about the Latin American culture: not just written Spanish, but also the superior use of it which allows you can communicate well. * What do I offer to you? * Spanish for Entrepreneurial Culture and Business Communication. * Spanish for Business Management and Administration. * Spanish for travelers and different situations in South America. I use my teaching experience and business knowledge experience to help students with issues including: * Preparing for job interviews. * Giving presentations. * Speaking and listening during the conference calls. * Writing emails and messages. * Reading reports and articles in Spanish. * Understandings terms particular to industries like Finance, Entrepreneurial Culture, Business communication and Administration. * How does it work? My lessons have multiple purposes, the sessions focus on skill improvement, including communication, authentic relating and team dynamics. Self-awareness is developed, in order to expand and broaden student's goals ? and horizons. I use interactive materials and resources (free) .
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