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Hi everyone! I'm Vanessa and I'm thirty years old. I graduated in Modern Literature at the University of Bologna and I have a master's degree in Religion Sciences obtained at the University of Padua intrateneo with Ca' Foscari. Currently living in Paris, I am looking to further my studies with a PhD in France. I have published two books, one of poems with self-publishing, the second, a collection of stories, with a publishing house, Gilgamesh Edizioni. I started giving Italian tutoring a few years ago, above all to high school students, even with learning difficulties, who achieved excellent results; In the last year I have also started teaching adults and children: I teach Latin to an adult woman, and Italian to a Lithuanian girl and two children, one who lives in New York and one in London. When I teach with the children I like to let them choose how they prefer to teach and I offer them a nice chat on a topic of their choice, or to read a simple story in Italian, or to play some didactic game to remember better the terms in Italian seen previously. With adults who prefer a more theoretical approach, I try to identify the topics in which they have the greatest difficulty and propose a lesson in which to dissect the theme; I use small examples to allow the student to test what has been understood up to that point. I also provide the theoretical notes produced during the teaching. If you prefer a more practical approach, I propose a conversation on a topic of your choice, writing down new words and making them available to the student. I hope you want to learn Italian with me!
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