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Portuguese as a Foreign Language Teacher

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Hi, everyone! My name is Magda, I'm 25 years old and I was born and raised in Portugal. I'm a portuguese native speaker. I love to share my language and culture with foreigners. Some of my hobbies include watching asian dramas (more specifically K-dramas and Wuxia (chinese) dramas), listening to music, reading novels, take walks (specially at the beach), learning new languages and cultures, cooking and try new and weird foods. I have a masters' in Portuguese as a non mother language: Portuguese as a foreign language and second language. I've spent 6 months in Poland alone where I taught European Portuguese to Polish, Ukrainian and Belorussian university students. In my classes, I like to include some materials from portuguese pop culture whether it's a song or a small episode from a podcast or talk show. This is used to make the students learn new vocabulary, listen to the language and understand elements of portuguese culture. I have more experience in conversational classes, where the students are forced to practice their portuguese. This is usual done by discussing a theme from a portuguese text, or tv show that is given to the student beforehand.
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