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Eyong traze

Eyong traze

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I am from the united states of America but I am currently based in Cameroon, I have experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, from complete beginners to advanced students. I love to motivate my students and make learning a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I always aim to make my classes comfortable and give my students the opportunity to express themselves and have more talk time, so they can build confidence and get to improve their language skills. I am kind and patient, I take a lot of pride in helping others to learn and have a lot of experience teaching both online and in real time . I have been teaching languages for over 5 years now and am always studying and working to improve myself as a teacher. I always create material suited towards my students interest and abilities, therefor creating a fun and interactive lesson and ensuring that the student will benefit as much as possible from my tea I am TEFL certified and have worked as an online tutor on some well known platforms, I have also worked as an assistant language teacher at the American school of Douala for approximately 2 years. 2 years ago I worked as a translator for a travel agency where I had to translate documents and files from English to French, Spanish, Chinese and German. with this , I was able to visit many different countries and as such giving me a lot of exciting stories to tell In my opinion, individual approach is the key. I prefer to use a variety of teaching styles in my classes. Whether I lecture or coach really depends on the individual and their learning abilities, as well as the area we are covering, and other circumstances, such as the expectations of students . The goal is always to keep the engagement and motivation high, and to make sure that we progress with productivity and efficiency. In my last teaching job I achieved great results with action based and game based learning, but it doesn’t mean that I will stubbornly stick to it here. I can assure you that I am ready to apply different teaching styles in my lessons, in order to achieve the best possible results with the students.
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