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✨ Native speaker ✨ Tour Guide ✨10+ Chinese Teaching experiences 中文母语者 + 中文导游证+ 教学10年+

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Born and live in Chengdu, Sichuan(the Giant pandas' home) I am outgoing and having so many hobbies: such as traveling, watching movies, cooking, running, and camping. Besides these, I am also a licensed Chinese tour guide and have a house in the village. We can share the real local people’s life and different customs in China. Patience, enthusiasm, talkative, responsible 13 years of online and offline rich teaching experiences Students come from all over the world and range in age from 6-60 Related Certificates College teacher qualification in Literature Junior high school English teacher qualification Certificate of Mandarin rate A level 2 Tourist Guide of China (Language: Chinese) EM 4 (Test of English Major ) -----Adult spoken language quick learning------ 1、 Pinyin system consolidation, correct accent 2、 Solve practical problems encountered in the work 3、According to your work needs, carry out target language material 1vs1 training. 4、 Correction accent,especially flat tongue sounds and tongue sounds are not pronounced clearly 5、 Learn the customs and culture of China -----HSK Level 1-6 Exam Course------ 1、for students with HSK exam needs 2、offer HSK Practice materials , Exam Paper correcting 3、 Consolidate the Foundation, Advance at a higher level
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