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Hello, my name is Sebastien. I'm a language enthusiast who can speak fluently French, English and Spanish. I've been also learning other languages like Arabic, Serbian and Greek. As a full-fledge french person, I like to cook and drink wine along with meals. I used to move abroad with my parents as a kid, living in many countries in South America and Africa. I kept doing the same as an adult, not hesitating to quit my jobs here and there to start a new life somewhere else. I'm a french native speaker and tutor for kids and adults. I've been teaching for many years in different countries, Europe, Asia and North-America. As a learner myself, I always struggled to find a good tutor, that is to say someone who tailors his or her teaching to the student's needs. Therefore, teaching is not only about content knowledge but rather more being an excellent communicator. Through the first interaction, I assess the student's level in French after getting to know the person on a more personal note. Building confidence is paramount in any teaching experience. My goal is to make the person speak as much as possible, even for total beginners. I basically apply as a tutor what I always wanted as a learner : going straightforward to basic conversation, teaching the most common words and action verbs in order to reach fluency.
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