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A fun and experienced tutor specializing in conversation-based learning!

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I’m an English teacher for a long time, I'm specialist in grammar, conversation, business English, ESL and creative writing. I use music in my classes and the knowledge of my students to make them learn easily. I have been teaching kids/young/adults/elder people. My classes are very dynamic and you will not regret to make classes with me. My objective is to make you truly learn. Check my reviews and you're gonna understand how my classes are! I have a 10-year TEFL certificate to teach ESL and have extensive experience running courses in the USA, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Poland You know learning a language is impossible, there is always room for growth.) I always knew my life would be tied to English. Therefore, I chose higher education as an English teacher. I love American Chinese culture and people, and I have many American friends who don't let me relax about improving my language
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