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Quiero que hables español y yo puedo enseñarte. ??? Reserva una clase de prueba conmigo.

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Hello, my name is Rodrigo and I like to be called Rod; I am 32 years old, I am Mexican and I currently live in Mexico City; I like to meet new people, I think I have many experiences to share and above all I really want to continue learning and sharing my knowledge with my students. One of my great passions is music, I am a great fan of art in general, but especially music, reading and drawing, I am also a great fan of sports, especially swimming, and physical activity ; and I am a great lover of nature and culture. I am a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language, if you have the desire and intention to learn Spanish I would love to be your teacher, I have a certification in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. My classes are fun and dynamic, I treat my students as I would like them to treat me. In classes we can learn in many ways, remember that we all learn in different ways; depending on your level we can hold spoken and written conversations. If you don't speak any Spanish, don't worry, we can start from scratch. Among other things, I teach grammar, vocabulary, spelling, verbs, listening, reading and writing exercises, I give totally personalized classes. I put a lot of effort into my students' learning, I always look for different ways for my students to learn while having a good time. Between class and class I keep in touch with my students to answer their questions. With me you will feel confident to express yourself without shyness or shame, I like to be flexible with my students to find the best class schedule, my schedule is flexible so do not hesitate to ask me any questions.
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