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tutor for teaching arabic and dailect and islamic studies

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My name is Nour Amer, I am an archeologist and an Arabic teacher of both Egyptian and Standard Arabic, islamic studies, i am form Egypt, i am living in cairo, i am 25 years old, i love history and historical places. Hello! Hope you're doing well ? My name is nour amer. Arabic teacher for Non-Arabic speakers. I'm teaching Standard Arabic and Arabic dialects over 8 years now. I'm working at the American University here in Egypt as Arabic teacher for foreigners and tutor in preply,italki, up work, Many other online institutions for kids alsoo . Actually I will be glad if I can help you and send you My Learning plan and you can follow your lessons step by step in my youtube channel. ? Thank you in advance? #My plan are designed to fit the needs of the three types of students : beginners, intermediate, and advanced) #Beginners: (3 basics courses : listening, conversation, fluency)+ (3 final sessions “writing” and “exam”) #Intermediate : (high level videos, create story with a partner, fluency : version ) #Advanced : ( highlights + open discussion+cinema part ) For example : "plan for beginners "in the listening part you will listen to a video according to your level and after that we will discuss all the vocab and write it down to you "The topic are chosen to be relatable" Part 2 : “teaching” I will teach you how to make a conversation in a simple way like( asking for a cab or , , Dialogue in the plan) #Fluency : you will talk about your day (Waking up , school, job...) #Final sessions like (writing”+ exam and I am proud of their results some them were able to speak in 3 weeks
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